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Here’s the next excerpt from the “Zhan Zhuang Wisdom – The Breath of Life.”




The second aspect we shall explore is the horizontal aspect which is encompassed in Half-Moon breathing. This method derives its name from the shape the abdomen takes while inhaling. What we do is simple. First we establish three points, all of which will expand simultaneously. The first point is the navel or low Dan Tien region. The second  and third points are found on the left and right sides of the body, in the midriff area at Jingmen Point, GB-25 just below the the free end of the 12th rib. As we inhale we shift our feeling-awareness between the navel and the two Jingmen points on either side. The idea is to ensure that all three locations have physical movement. The navel area expands forward while the left and right points expand outward in a lateral manner. Together, the expanding arc formed by the three expanding points now resembles a half moon. Along with the three points mentioned, two other points, specifically the Left and Right Dan Tiens are then added. These locations lie roughly halfway between the navel and Jingmen point on either side. Together the three basic points and these other two further reinforce and amplify the “roundness” of the half moon.

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