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“The book is rightly colored yellow, 300+ pages of gold. Really good stuff, solidifies everything I’ve been learning over the years and then some… I don’t think there’s one thing I’ve been curious about that this book doesn’t answer.”

“Truly helpful. Worth every penny. Mark Cohen really knows and explains standing meditation. He explains very clearly and in depth… It’s been very helpful.”


“The teachings in your book have made a dramatic impact on my standing. They’ve helped me uncover multiple areas of tension to release and relax. In these short couple weeks, my practice has dramatically changed for the better. Thanks for a great book!” 



Excellent book. Goes into explicit detail… It’s well written, coherent and very detailed. Strongly recommended for anyone really interested in training.” 


“The author has done a great job articulating the details necessary to progress in this subtle but worthwhile art. Practicing as described can increase body integration, strengthen the legs, and calm the mind. Try this for a few months and be pleasantly surprised to discover some of it’s many benefits, including how effortless and pleasurable walking can become.”


“The most comprehensive book on standing available. If you really want to practice standing, this book is very important for you. It is unbelievable how much one can write about a seemingly easy stand. Very thorough, very good for both beginners and advanced ones… Four stars plus one for its uniqueness.”



“Great Book! I love this book. It is well written and has a wealth of information i’ve never seen before. The author has a clear writing style. I can follow the instructions easily. There are useful diagrams and pictures. I have been practicing Zhan Zhuang for many years. The book gives information on how to make the practice better.”


“Very useful and inspiring info. Simple…clear…comprehensive.”


“Great reference. This book is like an encyclopedia of standing qigong. it elaborates the techniques and processes that someone will go through when he practices it.”



“Most comprehensive book on standing meditation. I really love this book. He does a great job of explaining what his teachers told him and he gives you his personal experience as he has gone down this path.”


“Showed your book to my Master and he said, ‘This man held nothing back. It’s all in there.’”


“For those who wish to know what tai chi is all about read this…” 



“I bought your Zhang Zhuang book a couple of months ago and it is absolutely amazing. I just wanted to say thanks.”


“I really enjoyed reading about standing meditation from your book. I suffered two strokes, however Tai Chi and Qigong have really helped me. I feel now that I have learned a lot from you.”


“The most important and basic stance in all martial arts is Zhan Zhuang. Mastering this item is to heal your body and mind. It is also the entrance portal to the realms of Power… The author explains the hermetic texts in simple language according his personal experience. Buy the book. Study hard. Work hard, day after day…” 



“I have an extensive background in Qigong as well as the Alexander Technique, and Standing (zhan zhuang) is my preferred practice. It is a subtle practice, involving as it does just standing there; hence it is not easy to grasp or to write about. However it is, as is often claimed, the 64 million dollar secret behind martial and healing accomplishment. Mark Cohen clearly gets it, very much knows what he is talking about, and does a very good job of conveying it. This involves explaining very specific aspects of alignment and mental attitude. There are few books that do this practice justice…”


“The Encyclopedia of Zhan Zhuang would be a good title. This book is the most comprehensive, detailed book on this form of Qi Gong that I’ve seen. It’s a highly recommended addition to your library if you practice Zhan Zhuang or are considering it. Hand positions, feet positions, weight distributions, it’s all covered, with very good explanations and good photos… this book already a classic.”